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My Story

My earliest memories of seeing Spirits was about the age of 5. I had been sleeping in my parents bed; it was a small room with my newborn brother in his crib. I remember seeing people entering the room, some out of the walls and some from the closet. I could see them as I see you, only they were in black & white like an old tv movie. When they would enter the room there was a lot of conversation between them. I could hear them whispering as they would look at me and my brother. I was scared and would never move, pretending I was sleeping, slowly pulling the covers over my head. I would tell my mother and she would just tell me not to be afraid, but to be a good girl and stay in bed and go to sleep. One night even the male spirit came over to me and said "Diane close your eyes and go back to sleep". As I grew up, I always kept the closet door shut! And WHY do they always come out of the closet, LOL.

My Great Grandmother, Mother and Father were very intuitive. My dad seen spirits which I think made him feel very uncomfortable. My Mother seen and talked to spirits all the time. Growing up with a Psychic Medium mother was just a normal thing for me. I don't think that I realized something was different until my teenage years. When I first starting sharing my abilities with my friends, they were frightened by the messages and the fact of me seeing spirits, so they stayed away.  I learned that it was best not to share what I seen or heard with others. I only shared with my mother.


My mother would give people she met messages. The supermarket was always the fun place! I would tell her "Mom! Don't do it! you know they are going to cry!" but she would tell me "I have to if it's meant for them, and spirit needs to give them a message" she would explain that she was a medium and has a message for them. Of course, they wanted it! and of course! they cried. My mother never advertised but the people looking for readings always seemed to find her. Even the Spirits!  We had to move every two years and of course everywhere we moved, the apartments always had many spirits or some crazy thing happening. Mom would make up some story why we were moving, but I knew it was because of all the activity. Some of the apartments didn't always have good vibrations, if you know what I mean.  :)

Growing up seeing and hearing spirit as a young child wasn't always fun for me, at times it was very frightening. As I grew older, I connected more with it through my mother. We shared different ways to connect to spirit and to receive messages from spirit. After raising my family, I decided to pursue my spirituality and to learn more about my abilities. Over the past 10 years I have met some of the most talented amazing people who have helped guide me to grow and who helped me learn who I really am.  Yes! All my children and grandchildren have abilities. As we all do! Just some of us are more tuned in then others.  


In October 2017 I found a space for my shop. It took me 7 months to prepared the space and myself to begin this Angel guided adventure. In May 2018 I opened Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique in the Village of Pawling, NY. It was my mother who 2 years prior said I would be opening a spiritual place where like-minded people would meet. I told her she was crazy. That I am not and wasn't going to be responsible for more people.  Spirit had other plans for me, and Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique opened Mother's Day 2018.  It was Angel inspiration that guided me in how the shop should be setup and with the name of the shop. A boutique of many different types of modalities and beings. Angel Aura became just that, a place where like-minded people came to share and grow as a spiritual community. At the end of June 2022, I closed Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique physical location to relocate and further pursue my own spiritual journeys. My New York Tribe still meets at other locations and continues to pass the torch of spirituality.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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