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Natal (Birth) Charts

A Natal Chart is YOUR PERSONAL chart, that shows EXACTLY where each planet and personal points are located, at the time and in the place of your birth. Not just your Sun sign... But the Moon, Venus, Mars and all of the other planets as well. Each Planet represents a very personal part of your life, and in an Astrological Consultation we will explore the meaning of each as it relates to your personality. Each chart is individual and unique. Your chart is all about what makes you.....YOU!

Solar Return Charts

This is your Birthday Chart. It is the moment when the sun returns to its natal position each year, always on or near your birthday. A Solar Return chart is cast for that moment, and it reveals how your year will be.

Relationship Charts

After having your Natal charts done, look into a relationship and sysnasty chart analysis. Here we explore the dynamics of relationships.

Transit Reports

Transits reports describe what is going on now, in your past and in your future.

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