Energetic Healing with Laura Malfa

Laura Malfa

I am an energy healer, intuitive guide, reiki practitioner, couples counselor and yoga teacher and I have a private practice in Katonah NY since 1995. I developed my healing style from studying with many healers, therapists, doctors, yogi’s and guru’s.  I use techniques from several disciplines including energy healing, Somatic Experiencing - Trauma Healing, Crystal Bed Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, Reiki and yoga.  


The focus of my work is to help you trust that you are being guided by your own inherent wisdom and help you to “tune in” to this knowledge and wisdom for yourself.  You are being guided through your life but you have to take the time to develop the ability to listen to its language. Through deep listening, careful observation and intuitive guidance together we can move through the challenges to healing, health and well-being. 




Crystal Bed therapy uses 7 Vogel quartz crystals suspended above your body to clean, balance and realign your entire energy system and your chakras. It can promote physical healing by easily removing disruptive lower vibrational energies that do not serve you which can impact you on every level of your being - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


The crystal bed is especially helpful for healers, doctors, therapists, nurses or anyone that regularly works with the public. Empaths and sensitives or those who easily absorb energy can also benefit from regular clearings.   Working energetically is a quick way to release the debris that you can pickup through your interactions with others.  A series of sessions can also be used to target specific problematic or stuck areas of your life.


Some people experience a strong sensation of energy moving through their bodies while others have more subtle sensations, either way the energy is doing its work. Results vary from person to person but often people experience;  increased energy, deep centering, healthy detachment, new perspectives on longstanding issues, increased immune function, decrease in pain, spiritual awareness and deep relaxation.  These are just a few of the many benefits reported.