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Color & Sound Channeled Energy Healing

Laura Malfa

Welcome to Sound & Color Channeled Energy Healing

Today we will be working with your Energy Centers (Chakras), using Sound, Color & Channeled Divine Energy. Through deep relaxation and intention setting meditation, we will support your healing process by applying Sound, Color, Crystal & Channeled Divine Energies to restore to Harmony & Balance to that portion of the body (bodies) that are vibrating out of tune.

We are made up of energy and vibration, and when those vibrations are aligned with what our soul knows to be right and true, harmony exists between our bodies.

During this healing session all you must do is let your body relax deeply into the sound and listen for what it has to tell you. Set your intention for receiving the healing. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to heal? Then choose a mantra to help the sound, color, crystal & divine energies restore the balance to your body.


Mantra’s that I will be using during your Session



Yahweh El Elyon

Yahweh the One most high. For calling on the Source and Generator of all power, the Highest Power of Powers through whom all things are possible to those who believe. Divine Consciousness.



This is the highest expression of teamwork in the heavens and the earth, which opens the dimensional gateways and creates the vortex and the connection to the higher forces of Light. The Adonai Tsebayoth are the Holy Lords of Light. The Kodoish vibration produces octaves of sound above the normal unique color vibration, placing us in resonance with other levels of Divine Intelligence. This is also the vibration of protection.



The Essence of the Divine Eternal Father




This is the highest expression of Self. It is an empowerment, a formula that unlocks the authority and creative power of Elohim. It connects us to the Source of Life and affirms your ones with God.



Crystal Bed therapy uses 7 Vogel quartz crystals suspended above your body to clean, balance and realign your entire energy system and your chakras. It can promote physical healing by easily removing disruptive lower vibrational energies that do not serve you which can impact you on every level of your being - physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


The crystal bed is especially helpful for healers, doctors, therapists, nurses or anyone that regularly works with the public. Empaths and sensitives or those who easily absorb energy can also benefit from regular clearings.   Working energetically is a quick way to release the debris that you can pickup through your interactions with others.  A series of sessions can also be used to target specific problematic or stuck areas of your life.


Some people experience a strong sensation of energy moving through their bodies while others have more subtle sensations, either way the energy is doing its work. Results vary from person to person but often people experience;  increased energy, deep centering, healthy detachment, new perspectives on longstanding issues, increased immune function, decrease in pain, spiritual awareness and deep relaxation.  These are just a few of the many benefits reported.

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