Spiritual Workshops at Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique

July Happenings at Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique  


Saturday, July 10th @ 2:00PM.

Our Spiritual Gathering & More! "Book Club".

This group is being brought together for us to share our spiritual experiences and growth through conversation and a book. We will be reading from Rev. Judi Weaver’s book “Truth Beyond” I have some signed copies of her book available. The cost is by "Love Donation”.

Sunday, July 11th & 25th @ 1:00PM ~Meditation & Tea with Diane. Together we will work with opening and balancing our Chakras. Connecting and working with our Spirit Guides and Animal Spirit Guides. We also share mini readings, so if you have a deck you would like to work with, be sure to bring them. Or if you would like to try another deck,

I always have several available to work with. Cost: $20.00


Friday July 16th at 6:30PM ~ Finding the “Truth Beyond” Within

 Live Channeling ~ Rev. Judi Weaver Spiritual Trance Chanel

We are amazing energetic and spiritual beings with unlimited capabilities and potential. Join Spiritual Trance Channel, Rev. Judi Weaver as we explore the actual truth that is found beyond. Truth Beyond is channeled inspirational guidance messages for the betterment of mankind, published by Balboa Press. This life changing guidance can be found within when we learn to quiet ourselves, our minds, our anxieties, learn to recognize and understand the messages that we are receiving from the Universe and then trust enough to

act upon your instinctual guidance for the highest purpose.

Specific tips, tools, and techniques will be revealed as Rev. Judi alters her

state of consciousness to a higher vibration and calls in Universal Light Beings, Angels, God Source, Masters, Teachers and Spirit Guides who each will offer loving words, guidance, ancient wisdom to expand your knowledge of what is and expand your soul’s existence. Cost: $40.00

Sunday July 18th at 1:00PM ~ Divine Guided Meditation

with Rev. Judi Weaver ~ Spiritual Trance Chanel ~ Crystal Light Healer ~ Shamanic Practitioner. Cost: $30.00


July 16-20 ~ Rev. Judi Weaver Spiritual Trance Chanel ~ Private 1hr Divine Guided Messages Reading Session & Lightworker Activation & Enhancement of Spiritual Gifts 3hr Activation. RSVP: 845-493-0432 for more information.


Friday, July 23rd @ 6:30PM. “Sprit Circle”

This will be a small group where myself and other guest Psychic Mediums will give messages, guidance, and spiritual healing. Be sure to RSVP. Seating is Limited to 15 participants. Cost: $20.00

Saturday July 24th & 31st @ 1:30PM~ Spiritual Adjustment Workshop with Spiritualist Rose Christmas. This is a 2-part class. See AngelAuraBoutique.com for details. Cost: $40.00

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