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Sunday Afternoon “Meditation & Tea with Diane”

1:00 PM  Walk-in's Welcome  $20.00

Join us as we unwind and release our stress from the week. We share some tea & small

conversation, a Meditation and receive some inspirational messages.


Whether you area experienced with meditation or have just been thinking about

learning how to meditate our Meditation Circles are perfect for you. For the

experienced meditation practitioner you will find the strong energy connections deepening your meditation and experiences. For those brand new to or just learning about meditation, the focused energy created by our circle will help you understand energy and how to connect with  it.


In group Meditation Circles we join together to experience a peaceful, worry free environment.  As we join together to release stress, worry and anxiety, we will learn how to balance our chakras. The chakras are important centers of energy that appear throughout your body. ... Through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state.


In a Circle you will sit in a friendly environment and receive information, guidance, messages, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. You may connect with your spirit guide, angels or a loved one who needs to get a message across. These circles will heighten your level of spiritual awareness and your connection to the Universe.

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