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Welcome to Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique

Crown Chakra opens like a Lotus

Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique is located
on Main Street in the Village of Pawling, in New York's Hudson Valley. It was opened by Diane Rivera of Lagrangeville, New York, a third generation medium.
Diane has always been surrounded by spirit and mediums and came to see that not everyone sees them naturally as she and her family do. 

"Growing up with a psychic mom, by the way my dad also saw spirits, was just the way it was. It always seemed that where ever we lived there was always a lot of spiritual activity so it became the norm.

My mom, Maryann was communicating with spirit the age of 5. Three spirit ladies came to her and told her they would help her with her life's journey.  Her (paternal) grandmother Maria was psychic - she was the first one to tell my mother that she had abilities. She would say: "Maryann...the eyes, use them". Before a reading, usually a day or two before, loved ones of her clients will come to her and give her messages, or just hang around until the reading."

As an adult Diane became a spiritual seeker, needing to know and learn more about this spiritual world which unquestionably surrounded her.
This thirst for understanding, and her Angel guides, led her to open this boutique. Inviting others with these and similar questions or curiosities to be welcomed into this boutique to hopefully find their way through our meditation circles, spiritual workshops and energy workers.

I embrace the positive flow of change within me and around me.

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