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Spirit Animal Guides

Spirit Animals...A new curiosity of mine. During a Meditation class I attended I experienced a vision of a Wolf. Let me start my saying that as an Empath I can pick up other peoples energy during meditation if I haven't protected myself prior. On this particular day I was in a rush and no protection. I was feeling extremely ill from the energy, something I had never experienced before, I started thinking to myself I might have to get up and leave, but then a Wolf appeared before me, staring right at me and without words guided me out of that feeling and back into my meditation. I didn't understand, I had never had a vision of an animal before. I recently met an Native American Indian who explained to me that the Wolf was one of my Animal Spirit Guides. WOW! A whole new adventure to explore. If you too share this curiosity keep an eye out for an up coming Workshop on Spirit Animal Guides.

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