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Alan Pratt ~ Spiritual Healer - Psychic Medium

Dear friends, I look forward to seeing you next weekend at Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique. (Oct 15-17, 2021) I invite you to read my new blog, 'Angel Amyon', particularly the following posts:

* Amyon and the Awakening, A Hero's Journey -- This is the first post, and gives an overall view of my experience & journey.

* Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation -- Most of the clients & colleagues I've worked with in Pawling fit the profile of 'creator gods', with many past lives of power and position, fame & fortune. The readings I'm giving people may sound outrageous, but when you read the 4 documents I've compiled, the big picture becomes clearer and it all appears to be real.

* Prophecies, Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph -- The prophecies about who I am and what I am destined to do in this life are compelling documentation that support the 'creator god' readings I'm giving hundreds of clients & colleagues.

* Krishna, Paul, Lincoln, Gandhi & Me -- This is the documentation about who I may have been in past lives.

The rest is equally fascinating. Blessings to all, see you soon! Alan/Amyon

Amyon and the Awakening -- A Hero's Journey

* Prophecies, Adversity, Perseverance & Triumph Part 1: Prophecies * Creator Gods, Illuminati & Reincarnation Part 1: Garden of Eden, Bible Days, Popes, The Inquisition, Hindu & Greek Gods, Lemuria & Mu Part 2: Royalty, Emperors, Conquerors, Pharaohs, Presidents & Prime Ministers Part 3: Hollywood, Broadway, Authors, Singers & Composers Part 4: Nazis & World War 2 * Krishna, Paul, Lincoln, Gandhi & Me * Io Uyzuy -- A Healing, Dance, Exercise & Yoga Modality for Everyone * Urban Exorcist (Docuseries Proposal) * Hybrid Human (Docuseries Proposal) * The Secret Society of Palm Beach (Docuseries Proposal) * Celebrity Appearances in my Cosmic TV Series * Io Village (Proposal for Community & Docuseries)


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