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The Role of Angels

"Angels in vast numbers are sent to Earth to help us in our humanness and assist our Spiritual Growth. Many people have awaken to their call for re-alignment, attunement and enlightenment. When you tune into the wonderful energy of Angels, you are instantly aware of the Love that emanates from their presence."

Today I talk about Angels to get you to think more about them and to speak with them on a daily basis. I do! I ask them to protect me, my family and friends. I talk with them to discuss things happening in my life, and if it is to much for me to handle, I ask for them to take it away or lead me to another path. Angels are in our everyday life, appointed as our guides, guardians and protectors of justice, Angels are the Soldiers of Heaven!

Whoever you are, whatever your faith, and whether or not you believe these words, you have been given a wonderful gift - the Love of Angels!

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