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Wow! How things have changed

It's been quite the journey these past 7 years. Growing up with a Psychic Medium Mother and all my own psychic/paranormal experiences was one thing but I had no idea what journey I was about to take. Although my mother did!

The opening of Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique was created with Angel & Spirit guidance to connect like-minded people, to give them a space for spiritual growth and to connect to those who where in search of a place to feel comfortable to be just who they are. Without judgment. I am sad that I closed but find happiness that those who have connected are still connecting and growing the tribe!

My spiritual journey now is to travel and share my gifts where spirit guides me. I am so grateful to receive unconditional Divine Love and Light that I just want to share it with everyone :). One of my teachers said this "Oh my soul, I love you so" it made me think! When was the last time I told my soul I loved it? It feel so good to tell your soul you love it! Try it!! And Share it! Love for self is the first place to start! Blessings.


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