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Answer Any Question with The Oracle Book!

Ask The Oracle at Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique in Pawling

Come on in to Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique, sit in our living room and ask the Oracle for answers to life's questions. You can ask questions directly of the Oracles and flip to a page and get your answer. I asked "Will I win Lottery?" I flipped to a page and it read "The Psychic says: You Must Keep Your Senses Alert".

I did that, and was standing in line at Stewart's gas station when the man in front of me purchased a type of ticket I never heard of - a Win for Life scratch off. So on impulse I asked for the same ticket and don't you know I won! I won $30! Now it may not seem like a lot but it definitely seems like a sign to me to keep on going!

So what i your question for the Oracle? Come on in, browse our jewelry, incense, gifts and

more, sit a while and ask the Oracle.


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